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Etoro, One Of The Fastest Growing Crypto Trading Firms Has S...
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Etoro, One Of The Fastest Growing Crypto Trading Firms Has Signed A Deal With 7 Different Premier League Clubs To Get Them More Involved With Crypto

Building up standard interest has ended up being exceptionally troublesome for Bitcoin. The falling prices throughout the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2018 have not improved the situation much in such manner. In spite of confronting a tough battle, eTorocontinues to make advances. The crypto exchanging firm has gone into partnership with seven Premier League football clubs to get them more acquainted with Bitcoin.

Fans of Premier League soccer must have seen the advertisements popping up on the LED screens mounted around the field throughout the end of the week. eToro, a notable crypto trading platform, has inked a deal with seven noteworthy clubs in the premier league division. The clubs are; Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Leicester City, and three different clubs.

This is by far, the most notable moves made by a crypto exchange with the aim of advertising the new technology into the real world. Apart from Bitpay’s attempt to advertise cryptocurrency to an American club few years ago which proved not to be successful, no other attempt has been made on a large scale.

Etoro has however decided to take the same step Bitpay took few years ago, this time, in a different dimension. The firm has successfully convinced the 7 premiership clubs to create an online digital wallets with them as they intend to reward them in bitcoin just for advertisements.

The idea of advertising the new tech to millions of people watching the premier league matches is a very nice one, as more people would become more familiar with the name, most especially with the firm conducting the advertisement, Etoro.

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