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Ethereum’s Transaction Fees Surpasses Vitalik’s ...
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Ethereum’s Transaction Fees Surpasses Vitalik’s Acceptable Benchmark

Late last year Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin said in a video discussion that 5cents per transaction was unacceptable for the internet of money. This statement seemed like a jab at Bitcoin at a time when the transaction fees were hitting as high $20 per transaction.

But, as fate would have it Vitalik’s words may have returned to hurt him as stats show that Ethereum’s transaction fees have gone up 13x Vitalik’s benchmark. Twitter user @notgtuble took to twitter to return Vitalik’s supposed jab at Bitcoin:

Ethereum’s rising fees isn’t the only problem they face as there’s also the issue of increasing size in the ETH blockchain making it increasingly more difficult to run a full node.


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