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Developments in the Lightning Network with Alex Bosworth on ...

Developments in the Lightning Network with Alex Bosworth on Twitter

This is an experimental post where I am going to take the twitter feed of a personality in the bitcoin world and post their tweets over the course of one month. This month I have found the tweets of Alex Bosworth to be very interesting as the document the birth of Lightning Network apps or Lapps for short. Alex is a great developer building some great products on the Lightning Network platform. As Alex would say first and foremost be careful using any software on the Lightning Network because the software is not yet stable and ready. Don’t risk real coins on LN at the moment until all the bugs are ironed out, but it is very interesting to make transactions on the testnet to see how they work and to see how incredibly fast and cheap they are.

Some of Alex’s products built on Lighting Network:

Y’alls: Read and write articles, with Lightning Network micropayments Hosted wallet great for quickly trying out Lightning payments on the Bitcoin testnet.

Zigzag: Cryptocurrency trading using Lightning (custodial)

Here are some of the developments tweeted by Alex during January:


Cryptocurrency investor, researcher and writer

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