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Could Amazon Start The Next Bitcoin Bull Run?
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Could Amazon Start The Next Bitcoin Bull Run?

Bitcoin investors have been preparing for what could be a long crypto winter. However, that has not stopped commentators for speculating on what might start the next bull run.

Changpeng Zhao, known simply as CZ,  the CEO of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance says he’s waiting on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to capitalize on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. CZ asked the crypto community on Twitter what will power the next bull run:

CZ says that Jeff Bezos – whose net worth is about $92 billion – could transform the industry by either buying just about every Bitcoin on the market, selling crypto on Amazon, or by accepting it as a payment option.

This might be quite as far fetched as some may think, as Amazon did buy three cryptocurrency-related domains late last year:, and

The online retail giant also owns, which currently redirects straight to Amazon Web Services is also heavily invested in blockchain solutions.

This is most likely just amazon protecting it’s intellectual property, but Amazon have always been a progressive company and if Bitcoin and especially second layer solution like the Lightning Network become more widely adopted than Amazon accepting Bitcoin may become a reality within a year or two.


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