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Coinex Exchange Enables Withdrawal Option For BCH’s Ne...
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Coinex Exchange Enables Withdrawal Option For BCH’s Newly Forked Coins, ABC and SV

The management of Coinex exchange just announced that they have enabled the withdrawal button for BCH’s newly forked coins, ABC and SV. That’s goodnews for the hodlers/supporters of BCH right?

The hashpower war between ABC and SV was not an easy one. Lot of controversies were experienced within that period but everything seems to be cool now, the dust has finally settled. So many exchanges now support the newly forked coins, matching them with different trade pairs, but none actually has enabled the withdrawal option, except Coinex exchange.

The firm however advices all who wish to withdraw these new assets to apply caution despite the fact that they have tested and technically evaluated all the processes involved in withdrawing the asset.

Coinex exchange has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Before the split event, the exchange promised to automatically split the preforked BCH for its customers, thereby offering them an easy option to split the BCH coin into two and allowing to withdraw to any wallet of their choice.

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