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Charlie Lee’s Introduction To Bitcoin Was Through Silk Road...

Charlie Lee’s Introduction To Bitcoin Was Through Silk Road

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin [LTC], the seventh biggest cryptocurrency in the market, spoke about Bitcoin [BTC] and how he was introduced to the crypto-space, during a Podcast with Laura Shin.

Lee started off by speaking about the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin’s whitepaper. He said:

“I guess just been surprised that it has been so many years already. It feels like just yesterday when I found out about Bitcoin I first read about it in 2011. Yeah, it’s just amazing that its been 10 years already.”

He further spoke about how he was introduced to Bitcoin [BTC]. Lee revealed that he got to know about the coin in an article regarding Silk Road, the famous online marketplace which used only Bitcoin as a means of payment. He said that it “piqued” his interest in this new form of digital currency that is censorship resistant and a “better form of money” than the existing ones.

Lee stated that he could not believe that it has been 10 years since the release of Bitcoin whitepaper because of his involvement in the space. He said:

“I guess I’ve been so into this space just haven’t kept track of how much time has passed, I guess.”

He added that the end goal is for it to become money, which can be used by everyone on a daily basis. Lee said:

“And I think it will replace fiat as money that everyone will use. So, like right now, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is still just a speculative asset and you know it’s been 10 years we haven’t really scratched the surface like the whole becoming real money. Yeah.”

Irrespective of this, the creator of Litecoin believes that the there has been an improvement in terms of its value. He said that the price of Bitcoin was $30 when he stepped in and felt that the cryptocurrency was “way undervalued”. This was the reason the creator of Litecoin started getting involved in the space and why he believed in it, revolutionizing money.

He added:

“so the price has actually gone up quite a bit since then but we haven’t really haven’t really reach like much adoption in terms of people using it.”


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