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CEO of Binance, CZ, Predicts Crypto Bull Run Coming At An Un...
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CEO of Binance, CZ, Predicts Crypto Bull Run Coming At An Undetermined Time

In an exclusive interview with Ran NeuNer and other notable guest in the persons of Gabor Gubacs, Roger Ver and Champeng Zhao of Binance, the South-African entrepreneur had an opportunity to speak with them all, of which the most notable was his chat with CZ.

The group had said so much in their discussions, like crypto business prospect and what they expect from the industry. But the most interesting part of it was where he interviewed Binance’s boss, CZ in a “one on one” chat with him. He (NueNer) started first by asking him (CZ) about his firm for a few minutes then he went straight to the question we all have been waiting for.

what catalysts could be a precursor to this nascent market’s next bull run?

In reply to the above question, CZ started by admitting that the question was a very “tough one” really. Then he continued by saying:

I don’t really know what will catalyze a bull run, but it will happen

Backing up his statement which states that he wasn’t really sure when the next bull run will occur, he likened it to be the same case that happened in 2016, when he said that no one, even him, knew that ICO’s was going to be as rampant as it was in 2017 which subsequently catalyzed the widespread FOMO and eventually constituted the Jaw-dropping bull run that occurred that same year.

Although, CZ’s response was a lil bit deviating from the question asked but it’s still connected to it in some ways. He acknowledged the fact that the SEC has really done a great job by taking down ICO’s with fake vision, which means that the crypto industry is on the way to its final destination of producing proper products, services, and tokens to entice investors.

These group of influencers in the crypto industry really said a lot of interesting things that I cannot put down in writing, the video clip below will give you a deep insight on the whole discussion.

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