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Central Bank Of Iran, Yet To Announce Its Stance On The Stat...
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Central Bank Of Iran, Yet To Announce Its Stance On The State-Backed Crypto Draft, Reports Shows That It Is Now Ready To Be Explored

Just yesterday, the Financial Tribune News Outlet disclosed to the public, that the draft of the state backed
cryptocurrency project is now ready to be explored but the states Central Bank is yet to throw it’s own point of view on the matter.

According to the source, the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, initiated the whole idea and gave orders to embark on the project.

Saeed Mahdiyoun, the appointee chief responsible for drafting controls for Iran’s Supreme Cyberspace Council, has allegedly uncovered to a local news agency IBENA that presenting a national digital currency is in effect, sought after by Iran’s cyberspace authorities.

Mahdiyoun predicted the removal of uncertainties around cryptocurrencies following the completion of this project, backing it up with the fact that the States Central Bank will declare it’s own point of view by the end of September.

Currently, cryptocurrencies are not yet legalized in the country due to reported cases of money laundering in December 2017, but the country now wishes to use this opportunity to legalize everything related to crypto in the country.

However, it’s a good thing the Iranian government are about taking the same step the Venezuelan government took some months back. The Venezuelan government is the first government to have ever issued a national cryptocurrency, called “Petro” as this will really help to facilitate the transfer of money” to and from “anywhere in the world.”

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