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Blockchain Tech Goes Live In Thailand As It Was Being Used I...
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Blockchain Tech Goes Live In Thailand As It Was Being Used In a Recently Conducted Primary Election

The use cases of the blockchain tech is gradually revealing itself and showing off its importance in the different sectors of the economy. In today’s news, a political party in Thailand has successfully carried out the primary election exercise via Blockchain Tech.

The Democrat party of Thailand, popularly known as the opposition party in the country recently conducted a preliminary election which took place on the 1st-9th of November. The election was said to have been conducted in a free and fair manner. Thailand is actually the 2nd country that used blockchain to conduct election after Sierra Leone, 8 months ago. So many other countries including w
West Virginia declared their intention to use the new technology to conduct election.

Over 120,000 people participated in the preliminaries, a live e-voting system that ran on the Zcoin blockchain was used to carryout the voting exercise.

Voters from different parts of the world were able to cast their votes using a mobile app that requires a valid ID CARD for verification, while those staying around or close used the physical voting stations operating on a Raspberry Pi system. The IPFS stores data in an encrypted form, data such as identification documents and voting tallies.

Zcoin developer, Poramin Insom, expressed his gratitude to the execs of Thai’s Democrat party for trusting that their blockchain project would be able to handle the election. His words:

“I am very proud that Zcoin played a role in making Thailand’s first large scale e-vote, a reality, which saw greater voter participation and transparency. […] I believe we’ve achieved a huge milestone in our country’s political history and hope that other political parties or even the government not just in Thailand but in other region looks forward towards using blockchain technology in enabling large scale e-voting or polling.”

This is a very good reason why the early adopters of this new technology should be glad. At least the concept that seems to be strange some years back is now gradually taking over the major sectors.

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