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Bitwala’s Von Minckwitz Says He Is Still Positive About The ...
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Bitwala’s Von Minckwitz Says He Is Still Positive About The Whole Blockchain Phenomena

Despite the current situation in the crypto industry today, we have seen and heard many industry leaders that are still keeping it real with the new technology.

Most recently, CEOs of leading crypto startups, well-known commentators and powerful change-makers have made arrivals on mainstream media outlets. Jorgon von Minckwitz, the founder of Bitwala spoke about the present situation of the cryptocurrency industry and also commented on the positives of a link between fiat currency and the field of digital assets.

Minckwitz stated that crypto industry has comforted down, the present financial situation was the best opportunity to launch a product. A part of the discussion revolved around how conventional banks are taking a proper look towards virtual currencies and the dip in the amount of negative news about cryptocurrencies.

Bitwala is very soon to start with a blockchain banking set-up to tie cryptocurrency assets and fiat fund-management together in one account. The corporation aims to offer completely licensed bank accounts that allow SEPA transactions and provide debit cards, Bitcoin wallets and Bitcoin trading solutions.

Minckwitz stated that Bitwala wants to offer an all-in-one transaction procedure for users that lessens friction between the fiat world and cryptocurrencies. As per AMBCrypto, this is the first time that such a procedure is happening in a regulated environment with a user base of almost 35,000 people.

The CEO claimed that his platform will solve many of the issues that crypto investors are plagued with today, namely the lack of security, liquidity and efficiency on contemporary exchanges.

Bitwala had previously announced that it had joined hands with Berlin-based solarisBank to establish a crypto banking service. Minckwitz finally touched on a thought-provoking point about this industry, adding that products such as the solarisBank/Bitwala teamwork will only help blockchain technologies in seeing universal success. As stated on News BTC, cryptocurrency assets may remain to blend with the bears in the future months, as numerous level-headed, non projected crypto advocates like to say, “it’s time to BUIDL.”

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