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Bittrex To Introduce USD Trading Functions For Regular Clien...
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Bittrex To Introduce USD Trading Functions For Regular Clients

It is evident that so many cryptocurrency exchanges had worked aimlessly hard in the past years and are still working hard currently just to make sure that the crypto industry continues to grow.

Evidences can be seen in the recent bittrex’s intention to introduce USD Trading for regular clients. Although some of it’s clients are currently using the service but it appears that the feature would soon be made open and accessible to more of it’s clients in the future.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges has already got this feature enabled on their platform but it seems bittrex was left behind when the functionality was trending among crypto exchanges. News reports in May 2018, announced that bittrex has already introduced the feature on its platform but there aren’t too many people who can actually use the service then.

The situation is gradually changing it’s route as bittrex has started sending mails to some of it’s users informing them that their personal accounts are now eligible for USD trading. In this mail, the users would first of all be asked if they wish to activate the feature on their account.

As more users gain access to USD trading functionality, it is evident that there will be some interesting cryptocurrency price developments, which is capable of attracting more cryptocurrency users from around the globe.

In response to the previously sent mails to Bittrex’s users, they are required to submit an official trading request if they actually want to see the new feature added on their account. This step maybe overlooked by speculators as many of them may find the step too hard to understand, and at the same time, not realising it’s importance.

Currently, bittrex is not among the largest crypto exchange but it is still popular among Altcoin traders, and among the newbies in the crypto industry. The platform is limited to Bitcoin, ethereum, USDT and TUSD at this point in time.

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