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Bittrex Exchange Might Create a Market For BCH’s Hardf...
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Bittrex Exchange Might Create a Market For BCH’s Hardfork Major Component, BitcoinSV

Still on the proposed BCH’s Hardfork that’s about to take place, it seems that Bittrex exchange has already put things in place for its users. However, the exchange might at the same be creating a “Niche” for the proposed hardfork to excel in the crypto space.

Bittrex’s support team recently published on its support website, that the team will try as much as possible to protect the interests of its users during the system upgrade/hardfork and they also promised to undertake extra measures incase of emergencies, that is to say, it is possible that a chain split may occur during the process of upgrading the system, so Bittrex’s team has vowed to make sure that user tokens are preserved on both chains.

Prior to the proposed hardfork event scheduled to take place on Nov 15 by 8:40am PT (4:40pm UTC), Bittrex will be closing all BCH’s deposit and withdrawal orders at exactly 10am PT (6pm UTC), reason being that, they want to get all BCH’s transaction settled on their platform ahead of BCH’s on-exchange snapshot which guarantees the amount of BSV chain split tokens to be distributed to all BCH holders on the Bittrex’s exchange.

The above made statement solely indicates that Bittrex exchange might be creating a market for BitcoinSV. A screenshot of how the point was made on Bittrex’s website could be seen below.

However, in the video made yesterday, Roger Ver still thinks that BitcoinCash is the only project that will replace the mother of all coins, Bitcoin, despite the fact that most people thinks Roger himself is purely a scumbag. The tweet that caught my attention was that made by coindaily’s CEO and Numex exchange co-founder, @moneytrigz, where he simply stated that

Roger knew he was a fraud, only thing that changed is the fraud stopped following Roger’s plan.

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