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BitRue, Xrp’s Base Currency Exchange Platform Partners...
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BitRue, Xrp’s Base Currency Exchange Platform Partners With Wanchain

Most cryptocurrency exchanges uses bitcoin and ethereum as their main key trading pair, unlike BitRue, which uses Ripples XRP as it’s base currency of which we all know as very rare to find.

It is evident that SEC’s unclear stance on Ripple project may be the reason why the project haven’t reached where it is supposed to. SEC is yet to declare the Ripple assets as a security, but it is not in any way the concern of the Singapore-based exchange platform, right now, as it aims to become a “communal” cryptocurrency exchange by extending its services to the public.

The exchange however, tends to it’s impact more to the crypto industry by establishing a new partnership with Wanchain crypto project. Collaboration is highly needed at this point in time as no company nor blockchain projects could succeed all by themselves. Wanchain offers a cross-chain network capable of moving assets around freely and without delays. Together, the two companies will introduce some positive changes to the blockchain industry.

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