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Bitmain Plans Mining Expansion Into Texas

Bitmain Plans Mining Expansion Into Texas

Bitmain, the world’s dominant cryptocurrency mining chip producer is opening its crypto mining operations at a former aluminum smelter in Rockdale according to local media Dallas News. This news has been confirmed by a local official.

Rockdale is a central Texas town that used to adopt coal mining as its main business model. However, Rockdale closed its coal-fired power plant and adjacent mine this year. In order to ease some of the financial pain this little town choose to embrace high-tech cryptocurrency mining operation.

According to Dallas News, Bitmain’s new mining operation “is next door to Dallas-based Luminant’s Sandow power plant which closed in January”. This time, Bitmain’s expansion is expected to create 300 to 500 jobs in this little town which may offset the 325 jobs lost at the power plant and coal mine.

Although no indication has been made as to when Bitmain will launch their mining operations in Rockdale, Dallas News reports that Bitmain has listed the need for a project manager for the Rockdale location on the job site

As we all know, Coal mining plants need to use huge amount of electricity, thus, Rockdale may be able to handle the energy needs for cryptocurrency mining, and that is one of the main reasons for Bitmain to choose Rockdale for their mining operation expansion.

Bitmain wants to capitalize on the mining capabilities of the old power plant and create new job in this town. It will be a good opportunity for local government to boost their economics and that’s why they are holding a receptive attitude towards Bitmain and bitcoin mining.

Rebecca Vasquez, chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce indicated that Bitmain may offer plenty well-paid technical jobs and she hopes the mining business can ‘bring new homeowners to the area and increase its tax base.’

Local residents also believe Bitmain’s mining facility may bring high-paying jobs to the community.


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