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Bitfinex Downplays FUD As Fiat Deposits Resumes Tomorrow

Bitfinex Downplays FUD As Fiat Deposits Resumes Tomorrow

Last Thursday 11th October 2018 top Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex temporarily suspended fiat deposits for certain customers.

This controversial action ignited fears/concerns about the solvency of the exchange reason being that there have been rumors that Bitfinex have been facing banking issues, after reports seem to indicate that it’s banking partner Puerto Rico’s noble bank international had lost both Bitfinex and associated firm tether as client.

Bitfinex released a medium post to announce their fiat deposit update. Bitfinex announced suspended fiat deposits will resume Tuesday the 16th, October, 2018.

This is a welcome announcement in the midst of FUD surrounding the exchange,many can now breathe a sigh of relief.


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