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Bitcoin Price Watch: Major Coin In Green While Selective Alt...
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Major Coin In Green While Selective Altcoins Remain Red  

Today, Nov 10th: Crypto Market is still in its bleeding state as majority of the coins are still in their reds. The week is actually not a good one for crypto traders all over the world, as many are still expecting the bull run to take over the market by now.

BTC is up by 0.15% over the past 1hr, trading at $6407. Earlier last week, the coin (BTC) was trading at the $6,200 range, not until Nov. 7th, it tried to break above the $6500 mark but later corrected to $6400.

On the weekly chart, the virtual currency has seen no price percentage change while on the monthly chart, it is down a mild 3.6%.

The third largest contributor to Bitcoin’s code, Jeff Garzik reportedly said something very important in an interview: He said Big Merchants are yet to accept Bitcoin as a medium for high-volume payments but on the store-of-value side it’s unquestionably a success; he likened this to be the reason why the virtual currency has failed to make a notable move for quite sometime now.

As for Ethereum, it has also a slight gain of 0.80% in the past hour, trading at exactly  $212. On the 7th of Nov. ETH price spiked up to as high as $220, ever since then, it has been dropping gradually to where it is at the moment. On the week, ETH has remains a strong 6% in the green, while on the monthly chart, it is losing by 7.2%.

There have been a mixture of red and green in the prices of top 10 coins as shown by CoinMarketCap, although remaining within a 1-4 percent range.

The top losers on the top ten list for the day are: BitcoinCash shaded-off 4.04% within the past 24hr and is trading at $547. Secondly, Monero observes a 2.01% loss on the day, trades at $105 at press time. Lastly, cardano records 0.36% loss for the past 24hrs, trading at $0.07.

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