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Bitcoin Currently In High Demand Following The Uneasy Financ...
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Bitcoin Currently In High Demand Following The Uneasy Financial Situation In Pakistan

There have been reported coming in from several weeks now, announcing the ever increasing volume of trading activities in Pakistan lately, this may be linked to the economic uncertainty parading itself in the country.

It is of no doubt that the economic situation in most countries is not stable at the moment and that makes it’s citizens to sought-after other means of livelihood. Cryptocurrency happens to be one of the surest means of investment at this point and many are seen going after it. This is a similar case found in Pakistan. It’s citizens wish not to rely on the national fiat currency or even bank bonds so, they seek exposure to gold and precious metals.

However, it has not been long this new technology was introduced into the country, precisely, barely few months ago, but the volume of crypto trading in the country’s LocalBitcoin exchanges is breath-catching, seems like the country is quickly warming up to become the world’s leading cryptocurrency nation

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