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Bitcoin Cash Is Worthless-Jimmy Song
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Bitcoin Cash Is Worthless-Jimmy Song

In a recent interview with Crypto Insider, Bitcoin [BTC] developer, Jimmy Song spoke about the current scenario in the cryptocurrency market and touched upon topics like Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Roger Ver and the competitions within the industry.

Song stated that ‘Bcash’ has no reason to exist, with a callback to an article written by him called “Bitcoin Cash is fiat money”. He put his foot down in stating that Bitcoin Cash held no value to anyone and that it would be difficult to find people that actually vouch for the cryptocurrency.

This is not the first time that Jimmy Song has retaliated against Bitcoin Cash. A few weeks back he stated that his best moment was during a debate on the recently concluded Blockchain Cruise. Song was able to refute all claims of Bitcoin Cash being the real Bitcoin by the BCH community, at the same time attacking Roger Ver, the CEO of During the latest interview, Song also said:

“Ver doesn’t really care about helping the world or even engaging at the level of ideas. It is all about power for him, and that was really disappointing. He has done some really good things for Bitcoin and I applaud him for that and I said that at the very beginning of my speech, but seeing him like this is so blatant, so obvious, and so sad. It was very disappointing, let’s just put it this way.”
Jimmy Song then pivoted the discussion to Ethereum [ETH], which according to him is a platform for scams and frauds, which acts as its self-destruct option. He did not hold back by calling the features on the platform as “stupid”, referring to the addition of Turing completeness to the network.

The Bitcoin developer was also in the news recently when he revealed his viewpoint on the B Foundation, a new project in the Bitcoin ecosystem. According to Song, the Bitcoin Foundation was attempting at directing BTC into going a certain path, whereas rival foundations are founded for the purpose of calling attention and support to the projects taking place in Bitcoin ecosystem. He also said:

“I think what they’re [B Foundation] trying to do is to make it so that they are supporting different projects in the community without telling them what to do and that’s a good thing.”


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