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Bitacium Prepares For The Most Incredible Launch
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Bitacium Prepares For The Most Incredible Launch

Bitacium will compete to innovate transboundary global fintech ecosystems

The trend continues its course, bringing more and more complete ecosystems. The cryptocurrency launching that are exclusively for point-to-point payments have ended. The trend has improved itself, and the emerging tokenization projects cover a rich ecosystem. The replication of traditional services inside the cyberspace continues, even improving traditional models when digitized.

In the fintech sector, global adoption of cryptocurrencies, tokens, smart contracts and multifunction wallets is beginning to be the norm. A sector as demanding as it is requires the latest advances and implementations to be competitive.

Bitacium offers an entire ecosystem through its wallet. In addition to the wallet, an ecosystem of services and interactions that will involve and evolve the XBOND token. Bitacium focuses on social network users, traders, merchants and e-commerce businesses.

On Bitacium website we read the following:

“We will constantly work to improve technology and users experience, solving everyday problems, one by one.”

So the ecosystem requires full asset management, peer communication and other implementations that we proceed to in details.

User retention depends on several factors such as platform versatility, security and intuitive interfaces

The retention of the user is very important for the platforms, a satisfied user gives his time and attention. The relationship between these services must be natural, without annoying intermediate steps, simply balanced. The Bitacium platform gives users the ability to access, transfer, buy, sell products and services from any location. In this aspect, versatility is guaranteed with the inclusion of Top cryptocurrencies and tokens. Another aspect related to the versatility of the platform is the management and / or use of foreign currency in the ecosystem. Bitacium offers a menu of services and utilities to meet the expectations of 2019.

On the other hand, security is vital in an era when physical attacks, robberies and coercion are being digitized. This trend consolidates at a growing rate. Therefore, a quality service requires advanced security. What would the whole proposed ecosystem serve in a system filled with gaps? The Ethereum network is the second in capitalization of the crypto market and its hash power offers such security. Bitacium has chosen  Ethereum network ecosystem to offer their community. We have recently witnessed how a 51% hack dealt a blow to the Ethereum Classic blockchain; This reinforces the need for powerful reinforcement ecosystems to guarantee the security of services and data.

The XBOND is a unique token created under the Erc-20 standard. It will be issued to the investors of the initial offer (ITO/early adopters ). This investors can acquire the tokens during token sale from their website. The XBOND can be used as collateral on the platform to obtain a loan. The amount of XBOND that a holder hodl determines how much the hodler receives from the platform.

XBOND will offer functions as collateral for loans

One of XBOND’s flagship functions is to support loans, the founding core of Bitacium demonstrates total confidence in its product. The XBOND will be the gateway to get loans from the platform at a low interest rate. This will provide liquidity in record time to users with a reserve in their possession as collateral support.

Sometimes, liquidity is needed in a short time period and for essential reasons we can not dispose of the entire amount. There is no problem with XBOND, if the token is held in the wallet it will provide the collateral function and the user will have the relevant amount. As a collateral utility to use, this will be another one of the multiple cases of use devised; so the ecosystem offers alternatives, variety and open business possibilities.

The decentralized exchange will form an important part of the Bitacium ecosystem

Multiple personalities of the crypto scenario have declared it publicly, the DEX exchanges are the future. Years later we witness how we can find several decentralized exchanges between the “top exchanges”. Instant functionality without off-line times makes DEX exchanges a 100% active tool.

Bitacium will offer complete user management of its own Altcoins; therefore it makes sense that the decentralized exchange completes the circle. This expands the possibilities of the ecosystem. The offered token, XBOND, works in the Ethereum network so it can operate in the DEX with multiple trading pairs. An added bonus, since XBOND holders win with the Bitacium exchange platform. The combination of a centralized exchange and a decentralized one begins to gain strength in the sector and Bitacium will offer the two options to its users.

The platform will offer multiple management options and social network functions to interact / negotiate between users, decentralized exchange provides the essential part of self-management exchange for the most passionate traders.

Customer loyalty, the Bitacium platform will reward users for their transactions

In addition to the rewards in the exchange, a more extensive model is proposed. In the most recent projects, it is observed that aspects such as the incentive for actions have gained strength. Earlier we commented that wallets increasingly provide more functions; these actions and their monitoring, open up new interaction routes between the platform and the user (p2p).

Taking advantage of these possibilities, Bitacium is implementng a system of rewards through CashBack, promotions and special discounts; the possibility of negotiating with other users, discussing business, signing agreements, all this in addition to making transactions with the XBOND token. The cases of use of the token begin to be multiple. On the website, they present a bbrief example user scenario that represents the possible benefits of being part of the ecosystem:

“For example, Consumer A buys the item from Dealer B at a cheaper price than the market price, both can chat and make transactions on the Bitacium platform, using XBOND to eliminate any transaction charges. money back bonus to buy through our merchant At the end of a negotiation session, both Consumer A, Merchant B, and all other users of the Bitacium platform receive a reward for shared use of the distributed token to participate in e-commerce agreements using the platform.”

The reward and consensus ecosystem will include and encourage without exclusion

The XBOND token offers is  recommended to all types of users, some cryptocurrencies and ecosystems reward certain types of actions, while others are the opposite side completely. The users of the ecosystem launched by Bitacium will obtain compensations whatever their actions. In addition to the cashback reward model, there is an alternative model associated with the platform’s earnings. Each user who holds XBOND tokens will obtain their proportional share of platform’s profits. We could say that it is a way for the company to return to investors the value created with their investment and early participation.

Other projects have opted for more limited incentive methods, which always exclude a part of the users. In this line we can say that they are non inclusive models for some users and incentivation model for others. The system designed for the Bitacium project and the XBOND token offers a whole menu of incentive possibilities to each user. This implies that both users who make a long-term investment (in the HODL style), and the most active traders and negotiators are satisfied.

The platform gives users the prominence they deserve, encouraging each and every one of them. Another aspect that reinforces the previous statement is the system of governance and voting. XBOND holders can vote to decide on consensus decision making and other details. This shows that the transparency and commitment of the company can benefit the members of the community, customers, followers and “hodlers”.

Guaranteed entertainment without leaving the Bitacium ecosystem in the Game Zone

We started by pointing out that the sector seems to have evolved towards more complete new creation projects. We pointed out, the importance of seeing that new cryptocurrencies or tokens are not limited purely to p2p transactions. In this line, Bitacium enriches its proposal even more. A section included in your system will offer an entire entertainment ecosystem; the BITACIUM GAME ZONE provides a space in which to have a good time between so much transfer space in which the XBOND token will also interact too.

From the documentation we verify that the game zone interacts in the token ecosystem by the following way. Users can play by swapping another altcoins to XBOND token, and then using XBOND as the game tax base currency. This implementation can increase the use of the token in an additional ways  with much more volume.

In conclusion, we observed that the Bitacium project offers a very complete menu of services and interactions. With the market breathing fresh air after an overwhelming 2018, the new proposals of 2019 begins to stand strong.

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