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Binance Re-opens Limited User Registrations
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Binance Re-opens Limited User Registrations

Binance have re-opened limited user registrations, but only a small number of new registrations will be allowed each day. Registration open times will vary from day to day, without prior announcement.

Binance is the largest exchange in the world by volume, with $1.84 billion being traded daily, according to CoinMarketCap. Binance’s huge success in the sector has recently caused it to halt new user registration because of the colossal influx of crypto enthusiasts trying to join. Earlier this month it was estimated that 250,000 new accounts were created, a number that made the exchange shut the door to new users.

If you’re interested in getting involved you better act quick, as a lot of the available spots could go pretty quickly. Here’s how to transfer your funds from Coinbase — another extremely popular cryptocurrency exchange — to Binance.

From Coinbase To Binance

First off, you’ll need a Binance account to put your cryptocurrency of choice in. You can register on the exchange’s homepage, don’t worry if you can’t make an account today as new acconts open up daily.

Coinbase is known for charging some hefty fees for moving money in and out of the exchange, so if possible transfer your funds to GDAX cryptocurrency exchange that is also owned by Coinbase (please note this is not possible if you are outside the US). This isn’t essential, but it’ll save you money depend on how much cryptocurrency you’re moving. Coinbase has said it is moving towards batching transfers and adopting SegWit which will reduce transfer fees markedly.

Finally, from either Coinbase or GDAX navigate to the “Accounts” page, click “Send”, and input your Binance deposit address that you should have when your account was created. Now all you have to do is wait for the transfer confirmation and you’re ready to trade.

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