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Amsterdam Light Festival Sees illuminated Bitcoin Address
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Amsterdam Light Festival Sees illuminated Bitcoin Address

On a famous Amsterdam street known as the Herengracht, residents have been witness to an illuminated string of numbers and letters that just so happens to be a Bitcoin address. The installation is part of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

The artist behind the piece is Frederike Top, a dutch artist known for creating lamps and furniture. With this piece she is hoping to address the fact that banks have lost control on the flow of money as now crypto has put the power back in the individuals hand. The installation is in fact on the side of a closed down bank.

The address reads 1MA8Wopde19HbANkJHnuu76LGbooQHLnuP and all donations made to it will be going to Huis van de Tijd, a foundation that addresses elderly citizens with dementia.

The Light Festival will run through January 20th and consists of 29 unique illuminated works.

It is nice to see cryptocurrency being embraced by the art community. Hopefully this will help spread awareness to a new sector of the population.


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