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Alive Casino ICO will offer entertainment 3.0
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Alive Casino ICO will offer entertainment 3.0

Virtual reality and entertainment, participation is open to Alive Casino ICO

The progress of the crypto economic and financial ecosystem continues, with the consequent tokenization of traditional sectors. The most fashionable technology at the global level together with AI continues its course. The Online Casino compatible with Virtual Reality, begins its journey; the rounds of Alive Casino ICO start with a complete package of features and services that we will describe below. We know that it is not the first casino that integrates cryptocurrencies in it’s system, nor is it the first to run completely on blockchain. What has called us especially the attention is the integration of virtual reality.

Virtual reality, enjoys an increasingly accelerated development, offering new experiences and approaches on traditional ideas. The advances of recent years are making things easier, the new wave of VR devices will not be long in coming. This, implies more striking applications, due to more enveloping sensations than the traditional 2D. Maybe the classic 2D virtual casinos have their days in countdown.

Alive Casino, will give you the opportunity to visit a physical casino without leaving home, using VR devices. Once it is configured and released, the player will enjoy 360 degree views; both classic tables with live dealer and slot machines like Las Vegas style. Details that could not be missing in a casino… like the ease of change are thinked at all points; As an official casino token, the Alive token (AL) will be used for payments on the platform.

The AL token will be the backbone of the internal economy at Alive Casino

The Alive token will be an ERC20 token, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 AL. Although its functions are destined to be completed through two stages … the Alive token will be, together with the users, protagonist of the ecosystem. During the first stage, it will perform functions together with other cryptocurrencies and tokens; offering use cases to investors, both initials and newcomers. Alive token holders will be able to deposit tokens, along with other cryptocurrencies and fiat. Once the wallet is loaded… ¡the game starts!

Later, in the respective second stage, Alive tokens (hereinafter also AL) adds functionalities and use cases. This stage unlocks exclusive features such as VR games, special events and some surprises to come. The moment of acquisition can be key of success, since every three months, the engineers of Alive Casino will burn 5% of all AL tokens that the house earns each quarter. This program of tokens Burn derives in shortage (or deflation), reinforcing the long term value of the tokens which remains in circulation. In this line, we can see how Pablo Gerboles (CEO & founder) and his closest team have worked out the minutest detail down to the last detail.

Sports betting and various poker styles will be available at Alive Casino

Those who love roulette or the Black Jack will not be alone; A whole world like that of sports betting is included. The software that will include sports betting can be the most complete. The impressive sum of more than 30,000 live matches every month will add fuel to the fire. Let’s review some of the main and most striking features of the section:

• The incredible sum of 55,000 previous monthly matches.

• 120+ sports that include eSports, virtual sports, traditional sports and live special events.

• Native applications for iOS and Android available.

• Four types of views: Classic, Modern, Asian and Combined.

• Live broadcasts of Sports (via Streaming).

• Live match statistics.

• Many languages.

Nobody is left out, if you are passionate about fantasy games, you will not miss them

For fans of traditional strategic games such as Chinese Poker or Backgammon, monthly tournaments will be organized; this provides the opportunity to face people from all over the globe. However, we have been struck by the diversity offered by the ecosystem proposed by Alive Casino. The introduction of Fantasy mode games indicates that those responsible are attentive to trends. More than 5 sports and 20 leagues will cross clashes and competitiveness among a global mass of contenders. The rewards adhered to all the games will encourage the participants, adding more volume if possible to the Alive token.

We said that no one is left out, so the lottery could not be lacking in the games of chance of a casino. The lottery model chosen initially is based on the OGWIL model. OGWIL (for its acronymcOnline Guaranteed Win Instant Lottery) offers a highly immersive model of instantaneous and guaranteed online earnings. Specifically, it combines the global and well-established appeal of scratch card lottery cards with an online gambling game. All with mathematical models of fair probability with the players.

Alive Casino ICO offers the possibility to participate in winnings like Token Holder

Obviously, there is not a big casino without a good prizes claim; the ecosystem proposed by Alive Casino will fulfill the purpose of those who have a good time in the casino. Yes, the purpose is not other than to have fun and win succulent prizes. We invite you to read the white paper in depth, since the universe designed for Alive Casino offers a multitude of details regarding transparency and commitment from the start.

Without going any further, adhering to the traditional system of casino rewards, the AL token will provide an additional rewards system based on the Casino profits; rewarding the fidelity of token holders. Every three months, 40% of the profits of Alive Casino will be distributed among the holders of AL tokens; This is a benefit of those that digitize the ecosystem through Blockchain. This point will facilitate forging an initial ecosystem around the project. At the same time it returns the trust placed in Alive Casino to the community.

Profits distributed in AL, BTC, ETH and USDT since the beginning

The profits distribution model is detailed on the website of Alive Casino and the respective white paper. For reference, we attach an official text that reads as follows:

“40% of Alive Casino profits will be distributed to token holders who have their tokens located in the Alive’s Hold Wallet. Receive BTC, ETH, USDT and AL every 3 months!”

The profits distribution model does not put too much pressure on the AL token, which is a positive point. It is important that the distribution does not fall only on the AL token; while rewarding in ETH, BTC and USD will be attractive for holders. Some projects end up devaluing their token or cryptocurrency in an attempt to create an initial ecosystem. If the demand is low, the multiple rewards and offers (including bounties & airdrops) end up devaluing it.

The blocked period of the tokens assigned to the equipment and to the development, offers protection to the investors against falls of AL tokens value.

In a clear sign of long-term intentions, the Alive casino team blocks their tokens. Excessive initial rewards, whether for homework or gift (bounty / airdrop), can dynamite an entire project (as we told previously). A massive and uncontrolled sales sum would be a corrective of fatal consequences. The initial numbers provided by the Alive Casino team guarantee management with a vision in the medium/long term.

To learn more about Alive Casino, we invite you to visit some of the links that we share below.

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