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Alibabacoin Foundations’ ABBC Token Can Now Be Used To...
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Alibabacoin Foundations’ ABBC Token Can Now Be Used To Pay For Goods And Services Online

Jason Daniel Paul Philip, the CEO of the Alibabacoin Foundation group has recently announced that its Alibabacoin (aka ABBC) can now be utilized in large internet shopping malls all over the planet. The users can now use it to make payments in 30 different internet shopping malls obviously including eBay and Amazon.

When the cryptocurrency market started dwindling, the group immediately altered its strategy to offer maximum benefits to their coin holders in the market. It is said that any digital currency inserted in ABBC multi-crypto wallet will be available in all online shopping malls that have the access to accept ABBC. On the other hand, the users will soon get to see the launch of its own online shopping mall in the United States by the completion of 2018.

Alibabacoin Foundation’s multi-crypto wallet is ensured to provide high security features to the users. It comprises of latest technology like facial recognition, which will certainly be more secure and convenient way for the consumers while shopping using ABBC. The company believes that the new innovation in the cryptocurrency market will attract more attention in the second half of the ongoing year, as reported by Fintech Singapore.

Readers must note that the newly launched token is in no way linked with, the multi-billion dollar brand. During the start of 2018, tried to sue Alibabacoin Foundation on the ground of similar name that would create confusion among the customers and hamper their brand. But the new group has somehow defended citing “Alibaba” is a magical reference, hence no one can have a monopoly on this word.

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