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After SegWit where next for Litecoin?

After SegWit where next for Litecoin?

Litecoin continues to fall from a recent high of nearly $39 to now trade at around $27 as attention and focus seems to have moved elsewhere since it activated segwit around four days ago.

Price instantly dropped after segwit activation, quickly falling by $10, after it experienced a nearly similar rise of around $15 mainly in anticipation of the much expected segregated witnesses (segwit).

The real story is that SegWit and Lightning Network (LN) are not a mere matter of capacity. LN allows instant and anonymous payment. After an almost vertical pump of 500% in 2 months, it’s clear that some early investors are taking profit, but the price seems to be stable around $26.

When a nice GUI and software is released to users, and when LN is fully tested, included the breach remedy transactions to redeem funds after a malicious double spend, then Litecoin should be recognized as one of the best cryptocurrencies on the market and the price should surge.

At the moment Litecoin is the little brother to Bitcoin, but if Bitcoin continues to be bogged down by the scaling debate, it might grow up to be an equal, or even superior.

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