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ActivEight Coin Secures Listing On Numex Exchange

ActivEight Coin Secures Listing On Numex Exchange

Tron based coin ActivEight has officially secured its listing on soon to launch Numex Exchange. Numex CEO Khalifa Saber took to Twitter to announce the partnership:

What is ActivEight, and the ActiveEight Coin?

ActivEightCoin – a TRX token built on the recently developed Tron blockchain – launched in August 2018 with the mission to incentivise the Health and Fitness sector.  ActivEightCoin seeks to encourage people to exercise by rewarding their members with crypto-currency for active calories they burn during any form of exercise as well as the daily steps counts they register.

From Q1 2019 they will seek partnerships with retailers in their sector (online and in-store) to enable holders to spend ACTIV on goods and services.

Numex Exchange is on track to launch in public beta this month in December.


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