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A New Entrant Seems To Snatch The Crown From Robinhood
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A New Entrant Seems To Snatch The Crown From Robinhood

Lot of crypto exchanges like coinbase, Binance have made their presence known in the crypto world but a new trading model is gradually coming into limelight.

The Zero-Fee trading model was first initiated by Robinhood and it seems a new competitor is seeking to snatch the crown from it.

Voyager is a new crypto exchange platform that aims to offer Zero-Fee charges while trading on its platform. The project is backed up by some popularly known tech investors including Uber Co-founder. They platform is currently supporting 15 digital currencies and still hoping to include more to the list unlike Robinhood’s platform which supports only 5 digital currencies at the moment.

The CEO of Voyager, Stephen Ehrlich is so confident of his project When he said that the platform will serve as a price aggregator as well as give it’s users the ability to execute their but and sell orders at a better price than their peers who use use a single exchange. Ehrlich is a professional investor and the co-founder of light speed financial firm which deals with electronic trading platforms.

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