Viber, an outstanding social media platforms widely used in Russia intends to follow the footsteps of others, like telegram and Kakao who has already hosted a successful ICO and is still planning to do so, respectively.

However, the Russian government does not really like one that is supportive of this new TECH, yet vibers team is still focused on issuing its own digital currency next year if everything goes as planned. The Russian government is yet to officially regulate this growing industry in the country, while some officials are in support of issuing an outright ban on Bitcoin, others think positively of the new tech and are ready to embrace it in the country.

This is quite unusual and contrary to situations found in other countries as they may be either in support or against the new technology. Viber’s creator and parent company, Rakuten is currently educating itself on Russian law regulating the cryptocurrency industry in the country.

The company wants to name the coin after the parent company’s name “Rakuten Coin” which will be based on the company’s existing loyalty programme. They intend to do all these next year, although the roadmap have not been created yet.