Japan is recently know as one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency hubs. Since China had made itself irrelevant, Japan may take over from China in the near future. Japan is also widely known for its role of introducing new exchanges in the crypto market today, now it is getting accustomed with proper mining activities.

Just like other countries where mining activities is kicking off, Japan also have a lot of places where cheap electricity could be found. It is obviously true by simple observation that this situation would change anytime soon as is the case found in the United States.

The fukui region of Japan has seen a massive inward flow of cryptocurrency miners as it is located on the sea of Japan. A nearby mining company, known as Alt design has hopped on the bandwagon with around 500 asic units and GPU mining boards.

The supply of electricity in Fukui district of Japan is still cheap and it is located in a rural area, but this might change when the energy providers discover how profitable mining of cryptocurrencies might be, in future.

Currently, the miners in this region are mostly focused on mining Bitcoin and Ethereum only, although they might switch to mining other currencies in the near future, depending on how the industry revolve.