Ben Delo by name and graduate of Oxford university now emerges as the new crypto investor king in Britain. This was reported by Daily Mail News on the 2nd day of July.

This young lad created BITMEX in the year 2014. According to him, he spent 18 hrs everyday trying to build up his platform. Apparently, the effect of his hard work can be seen clearly as his platform becomes one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world with a trade volume of around $2 billion.

Currently, the young lad is just 34 yrs of age and has achieved this much. This should be an example to all the young lads out there who are still trying hard to push their private business to a higher ground, we should all learn the act of consistency and perseverance in all we do, even science states that “Rome was not built in one day”.

Delo was a graduate of Worcester college, Oxford and he came out with a 1st-class degree in mathematics and computer, that should be in the year 2005. He used to work with IBM as a software engineer, and then worked at JP Morgan Chase multinational investment bank as the assistant vice president. Currently the young lad was recently spotted to be living permanently at Hong Kong.

Delo, in his speech said that he wants to imitate the unspending nature of Warren Buffet and entrepreneur Bill Gates as he intends to use his money to help the helpless.

HOW many young people like him will make such comments on a social network when they become rich?