An American online traveling agency, is desperate for an alternative processor, as Coinbase ends its partnership with has been accepting bitcoin payment for flights and hotel booking using Coinbase as its processor. Following the recent launch of Coinbase commerce, Coinbase announced that it will be retiring its merchant tools to focus on making Coinbase commerce best possible solution for online retailers. With this new development, clients will not be able to generate new orders using Coinbase merchant tools starting from April 30th. May 31st is stated as the last date for users to migrate to Coinbase commerce. Reacting to this, switched to a new processor called Bitpay.

Jeff Klee, CEO of the travel website, is requesting customers to comment their suggestions concerning the new processor. According to the company:

“We had a nice run with Coinbase but they are sun-setting their merchant next week. We are looking for an alternative but right now are doing some testing with @btcpayserver. Let us know if you are having any problems…”

In an open letter to clients, the CEO asks clients for feedback as he wants to know if customers were comfortable with the BIP-70 wallet requirement.

He further explains:

“Our giant concern is that Bitpay does not support non-payment protocol wallet(wallets that are not BIP-70 complaint) so if you do not have a compatible wallet, you would have to get one and use it as an intermediate stage for your Bitcoin payment”

Klee also stated that the company will use the opportunity to add more digital payment options. They will start accepting additional digital currencies like Bitcoin cash, Dash and Litcoin.