Following the 8500% increase in 2013 and a 1500% gain in 2017, experts in the field are highly expectant of Bitcoin. A lot of experts, analysts and top influencers of the game still believes that Bitcoin will trade close to $60k if not more, this year. This is a prediction that is likely to come to pass in following the fact that anything is possible in the crypto world.

CEO of the Manchester-based investment firm, blackmore group, Philip Nunn, says that Bitcoin might head to $60k this year. His belief was that, Bitcoin is about to recover from the crisis and when it does, nobody will even see it’s brake light. This is something the CEO has been sounding like an announcement on almost all social medias in Manchester, ever since he noticed the signals made by the coin to reach that amount by the end of this year.

He also went further to say that 6k price has already been hit, what we are now waiting for is the spike in price which will be caused by market volatility.

However, the CEO pointed out that money in crypto today were generated by the general public and not banks. He also said that “the market is about sentiment” that is to say, spreading of FUDS can kill the market and because the market is not that big for now, might experience market manipulation by top investors.

The former hedge fund manager and billionaire, Mike Novogratz, says the investigation being carried out by the U.S govt over the possible manipulation in the crypto market, is a “good thing”