Bittrex is one of the biggest exchanges we have in the crypto market. It has been in existence for 4 years now without the fiat currency trading system. Meanwhile, the platform has been making waves even without the USD trading option. But, in order to improve on their productivity, the body has decided to add the USD trading option to its platform. The announcement was made known yesterday and it got viral, today.

Currently, bittrex is known as the largest altcoin exchange. The USD trading pairs will be limited to top currencies in the crypto market at the first phase, then it will be extended to other alt coins as soon as the new development starts running smoothly.

First of all, they want to introduce the “live test” in order to determine if the integration plan is needed or not. Meanwhile, this will be available only to participants from Washington state, New York, Montana and California. These 4 states in the U.S will be given access to USD trading first.

Secondly, bittrex’s main focus is on corporate customers, so the new development will not be available for all customers at the beginning but will be extended to all customers after 2 weeks of launching this new and exciting development.

Lastly, the new development will not need any additional verification requirements when it comes to accessing USD markets. I think that bittrex deserves an accolade for this exciting changes that is about to happen, as it is capable of bringing in more users to the platform. The existing users of bittrex seems to benefit more when the new service finally goes live.