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  • BTCBitcoin$6,526.740.62%
  • ETHEthereum$207.180.84%
  • LTCLitecoin$53.390.42%


  • As at the time of filling this report, the price of Bitcoin has fallen below $6000, that makes me to ask this simple question. Bitcoin’s drop in price, is it a part of a bigger picture?

    The recent fall in price may be an effect of the notification sent by Japan’s financial services Agency(FSA) to more than 5 digital currency exchanges following the fact that they noticed weaknesses in their infrastructure. The mother of all coin, has been in this shit over the past week now and investors are quite unhappy with the current situation. The whole panic started when the price fell to $7600 and gradually slumped over to $6700. Now, sitting at $5930, which is $130 away from its February low.

    The coin has allegedly lost over 75% of its value since December, when it managed to strike near $20,000 range. Many analysts were less concerned about the currency’s recent behaviour, claiming it was just normal.

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