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Bitcoin Core Schedules Hardfork Upgrade To 1 Minute Blocks

Bitcoin Core Schedules Hardfork Upgrade To 1 Minute Blocks

Bitcoin Core has announced plans for a hardfork upgrade to one minute blocks in a bid to improve transaction speed by lowering confirmation time to 1 minute per block. The team took to their official twitter account to make the announcement:

The Upgrade is expected to come with other fixes and new features which include:

•Hardfork at block height 588672 (approximately 18th August)

* 1min block and 1440 blocks daily

* Block reward of 1.25 coins to maintain      1880 coins daily

• Upgraded validation BlockSubsidy mechanism in dealing with the next and all subsequent halvings on the original schedule as per 10-min blocks.

* Next halving scheduled for block 1001952.

* All subsequent halving with occur every 2,100,000 blocks post 1001952

Other features include creation of new testnet, changes to the DAA e.t.c



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