Bitcoin cash hardfork: 19% nodes cut-off network for failure to upgrade

On the 16th of may, Bitcoin cash completed a scheduled hardfork to 32mb blocks with additional features like address format changes included.

But, the highly anticipated hardfork did not go as smoothly as the community would have wanted with 19% of total Bitcoin cash node cut-off from the network for failure to upgrade to new consensus rules. This come as a concern for some, as they consider nodes a necessity for a decentralized system.

But, the Bitcoin cash community won’t be bothered about this as they argue that non-mining nodes are of no significance to the security of the network and only mining nodes are important when it comes to network consensus. Critics argue that such system is detrimental to the security of the network because it leaves too much power in the hands of miners given that mining is dangerously centralised and could be exploited as a choke point.


Editor-in-Chief @Coindaily_co and Bitcoin enthusiast