Binance is far from being just a cryptocurrency company following the fact that their CEO explained to the public how he solemnly wish to create jobs and offer help to those in need. Just yesterday, it was reported that the firm donated $1 million to the victims of Japan flood.

It seems like the CEO is gradually fulfilling this promise. About a week back, it was reported that Binance has already set up it’s branch in Uganda, how about the company’s move to Malta which occurred about three weeks back or so. Now, they are donating a million dollars to victims flood in Japan. All these signs shows that the CEO of the firm is really out to create dozens of new jobs for people in need.

The disaster that occurred in Japan claimed the lives of many and as well succeeded in making so many people to evacuate their homes and potentially never to return again.

However, the CEO of Binance never intended to give the money in cash rather, he decided to the funding in a very interesting way to help those displaced people. So he opted to send the donation using cryptocurrency. It’s now left for the victims to decide on what coin they feel would be a relief to them, they are to choose from either Bitcoin or binance coin.

Already, JPY has been added to the binance platform, so they can do with it in whatever way they feel it’s best, that is, they can decide to either withdraw it immediately or hold it for the future