Ever since the existence of the blockchain industry came to lime light, the activities of hackers never cease to exist. This has never been an exception for the mineable cryptocurrencies as they face malicious mining script which causes havoc on the various websites concerned.

It has come to our notice that one official website in Russia may have fallen victim to this threat which ran for complete ten days on the website. This, however is not the first nor the last time we heard of such cases, sending malicious mining script is gradually becoming a normal thing faced by the crypto-mining sector as a month never passes by without observing such incident in the mining sector.

One of the most recent attack was seen when the khabarovsk region administration website was injected with cryptocurrency mining code by criminals who are still unknown even up to this moment. The infections sent by those criminals were only discovered after nearly 10 days of operations on the website, making the website to be very slow and erratically affecting any computers from which the website is being accessed.

The website in question receives several hundreds of visit per day, so it is possible that the brains behind this illicit manner on the mining sector may have made away with a decent amount of cryptocurrency from this venture.

Nevertheless, it seems like the malicious cryptocurrency mining script has been removed from the affected website.